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1960              TODAY  


Marilyn Jean Ott



Sherrill "Sherry" (Park) Susemihl




Delores (Parrish) Carter

  Deceased 27 May 2010, in Texas

Dennis Peffers


  Deceased July 1, 2002

Born: Oct. 14, 1942
Dayton Montgomery County
Ohio, USA

Death: Jul. 1, 2002
Ohio, USA

Trissel Cemetery 
New Lebanon
Montgomery County
Ohio, USA



Gary Petticrew


Wow!  This is a great project former MHS bass drummer Gary Wilson has spearheaded.  Almost weekly I open the “Class of 60” website to get snapshots of what has happened to those with whom we shared our “growing-up” years.  It seems like yesterday-- but reality has a way of reminding us how long ago it really is.

 Nita (Juanita Long Reed) and I got reacquainted through a chance meeting 29 years ago this June.  I had two sons, Eric and Michael, from a previous marriage and Nita was a widow with three children, Doug, Steven and Kari.  Becoming the “Petticrew Bunch” is what we did and boy has it been a ride.  We are now blessed with 14 grandchildren and soon to be great-grandparents to our granddaughter Marti’s first child due in May.  This will be a banner year for us-- a new baby around, two high school graduations; Alexandra from Miamisburg High School and Ryan from New Lebanon Dixie.  Our grandson Matthew’s wedding is in August and our granddaughter Jessica’s wedding is set for next spring.  Holidays and family get-togethers at our house are something to behold.  Our other grandchildren, Brittnie, Elizabeth and Randy, Kristen, Joshua and Tara, Kortnie and the twins, Cian and Ryan, are also beginning to show up with boy and girl friends.

 After college I landed a position at Systems Research Labs in Beavercreek that began a long career in computer engineering.  I am blessed by being in on the ground floor of what turned out to be a whole new world of communications, entertainment and technology.  During this time I also contracted with the University of Dayton writing abstracts of various Peace Corp experiences in cross-cultural communications.  The project developed into training programs for the military and US foreign affairs personnel in cross-cultural interaction during the Vietnam era.

 After ten years at SRL I joined the Controls Division of Cincinnati Milacron writing computer software manuals.  Later at Milacron I moved into software design and development creating language compilers and later robotics software and finally became a systems analyst for computer-controlled “un-manned” factories for aircraft, automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers.  I traveled around the country a lot giving training seminars and coordinating system installations at places such as Boeing, McDonald-Douglas, Vogt, Caterpillar and the Ford Motor Company.  Seems my manager was always eager to go on those exotic overseas missions to places such as Austria, China, Brazil and Italy.  Oh well, at least I got to see a lot of this great country.

 After nearly thirty years at Milacron I decided to retire in 2000.  Retirement lasted about six months until Nita decided I needed to get out of the house occasionally (I was driving her nuts with, “What do we do today?”).  She had retired a couple of years earlier for medical reasons.  I became a part-time Home Depot “Sales Representative”, a grandiose title for clerk.  I enjoyed working with the public but couldn’t handle the work schedule produced by some young kid who couldn’t understand that someone over sixty had problems working a schedule that changed daily.  After this brief encounter with a career change, I went back to what I know best and joined the Germantown Board of Education and am now Technology Coordinator for Valley View High School.  It is a wonderful place to be-- great student body, teachers and staff-- keeps me on my toes.

 Both Nita and I have a love of history and do volunteer work for the Miamisburg Historical Society.  Nita is on the MHS Board and chairperson of the Historic Research and Resource Committee which manages the Society’s collections and archives.  I on the other hand have developed several software programs for managing the accessioning of history related collections, veterans databases and whatever else the Society wants computerized.  I’ve also joined other MHS graduates, Dick Church, Randy Staley and Jim Snapp in a couple of “historic” plays for the Society— trust me, Hollywood has nothing to fear!  Nita and I also do genealogy work on the side and have traveled around the East rummaging through old cemeteries and musty university and government archives meeting a lot of interesting people along the way.  I also keep active with writing and do newsletters, flyers and brochures for various organizations including our church here in Miamisburg.  I guess our beloved HS English teacher, Delores Short, wasn’t a total failure in my case (it seemed so at the time).  Life has been and is good to Nita and me and, as so many of you have done, together we’ve been able to weather all the mistakes and heartaches and the triumphs and joys life brings our way.  Hats off to the Class of 1960—the greatest!


Sharon (Pierce) Vardi


Since June, 1960, my life has been an interesting adventure. Also, it's by the grace of God that I've gotten to this day alive and well. I just know I'm going to around until I'm 120 years of age, if not longer, no doubt!!
       Three years after graduation, I married my first date and sweetheart, Earl Vardi. We had 2 beautiful daughters, Sheri & Shanda. We were blessed with 5 wonderful grandchildren. Earl & I had a contract painting business for 27 years. In 1997,Earl passed away & my whole life changed. I went back to school and studied Travel & Tourism.
I worked in the tour business and traveled for three years, then decided to move to Lexington to be with some friends. I was there for over three years, now, I'm now back in Miamisburg (imagine that!) to be with my my entire family who have also moved back to the area.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 45th reunion.

Colin Prewitt
HOOVER, AL 35226


  A couple of years after graduation I went to work for Standard Register where I spent the next 16 years of my life.

In 1978 I traveled to Alabama to visit a friend of mine, came back quit S/R and moved to Alabama. Afer starving to death for about a year I got a job with Business Systems & Consultants. I've been their controller for the past, I don't know how many years.

I still work and spend my free time playing golf & cavorting with my friends at the local pub. I guess I'll retire before long and spend more time playing golf and cavorting.

Melvin Pyle
1361 SIOUX DR.
XENIA, OH 45385



Dale Rammel



Marcia (Redrick) Indalecio
DAYTON, OH 45431

  Met my husband, Juan (John) Indalecio while he was stationed at Wright-Patt AFB on Valentine's Day 1962.  We were married on April 27, 1963 at Our Lady of Good Hope Church in Miamisburg.  We were blessed with four children.  Our youngest child, Jennifer, died in 1980 after a brief illness.  Our other children are doing well.  John is an occupational therapist and hand therapist in NYC.  Our daughter, Julia, is an administrator for Cincinnati Public School System.  She is married and she and husband, Steve Sinden have our three grandchildren, Sam, Maya and Benji.  Our son, Jeff,  is single and works in the Marketing Department at Marzetti's.

My husband is originally from the island of Guam in the Western Pacific.  He came to the states in 1958.  He joined the AF in 1959 and was stationed here in  1960.  Lucky for us we had two friends who arranged a blind date for us.  We were both short and Catholic, found the love of our lives and the rest is history!

In 1982, I started my career as a medical assistant and still enjoy it.  My husband is retired from the AF Reserves and from GM  and enjoys yard work and gardening.  We attend St. Helen Catholic Church and are active in the St. Vincent dePaul Society and a few other ministries.

The dream of our lifetime came true last November when my husband, our three kids and I travelled to Guam.  It was our first trip to the island together. We have many family members there and it was wonderful to see them and meet many of them for the first time.  Our kids and 15 of their cousins rented mopeds, or motorized scooters, and tooled around the southern part of the island.  The island is sooooo beautiful with white sandy beaches , shimmering blue water and coconut trees....Coconut trees everywhere. Truly a dream of a lifetime met!

We look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion.


I received the following


Hi, Gary!

It's Marcia (Redrick) Indalecio again.  Just a footnote to my bio. 

My Mother Clara Rose (Schmidt) Redrick is an MHS graduate in the Class of 1937.  Still lives in the area and doing pretty well at the age of 91!  Her brother, Clifford Schmidt (Kip) is now 89 and is not feeling too well right now.  Also Mom's sister, Mary Frances (Schmidt) Greggerson, is also a graduate of MHS---as are her children.

As many of you know Michael Schmidt---(I always called him "The Mayor of Miamisburg")---left us last July 12.  He is/was my cousin.  Miss him terribly...

Well, Gary, thanks for taking on this task of the biogaraphies.

Really nice to "meet" everyone again at this time of our lives.


(Footnote: I worked with Kip and Clara Rose from age 14 until after graduation. Great people, and small world! - Gary Wilson, webmaster)

Constance "Connie" (Reece) March
MANTON, MI 49663


Like everyone else, I can't believe this is our 45th reunion!!  At this time, I plan on being there also.  Ed and I still live in Manton, MI.  He has been retired from teaching for seven years and stays busy maintaining our twenty acres in the country.  I am still an RN, but now a retired RN.  After 41 years of nursing, I called it quits in December, 2004, so I am still very new at retirement, but LOVE it.  I can't stay away from nursing completely, so I am doing some volunteer work at the hospital and possibly the health dept in the near future.  We have two sons:  Dod, 39, has gone back to school for teaching certification and Jon, 35, continues to teach special ed.  We are not grandparents yet. We have two dogs:  Sadie, a beautiful Chocolate Lab and Gizmo, part Maltese and Yorkie.   It is so interesting to read about our classmates.  Thanks for doing the website, Gary.  Am looking forward to seeing everyone in June.  We have a class of very special people.  I am forever bragging about the relationships and individuals in our class.  It is amazing how many people never go to their reunions.  Hope to see you soon! 


After graduation, that fall, The Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing became my temporary home for three very busy and educational years.  Graduated in 1963.  My first job as an RN was at Miami Valley in labor and delivery.  In August, 1964, I married Ed March (a cousin of one my nursing classmates) from Dayton.  Our first year we spent at Redbird Mission in Beverly, KY.  I worked at the small hospital and Ed was a science teacher at the high school.  We loved that year way back in the hills.  Amazing place and amazing people!  We moved back to Ohio in '65 and I worked at Drs. Reagan, Ruffner & Zanowich for a couple years.  In 1967, our first son was born - Dodman (Dod) and in 1970, our second son, Jon was born.  Both are amazing young men, after all, I am their mother!!  Dod is married and in Connecticutt with his wife, Maeglin.  He is an elementary teacher.  No children yet.  Jon is also a teacher here in Manton, finishing his fifteenth year as a special education teacher.  He and Tiffany will be getting married in the near future.  So you see, we have no grandchildren yet!!  My nursing career and experience included:  the afore mentioned, labor & delivery at Case Western Reserve Hospital in Cleveland, girl scout camp nurse, St. Elizabeth in Dayton, industrial nurse at Duriron in Dayton.  We then moved to Cadillac, MI in 1973 where the hunting and the fishing were abundant.  Ed continued as a science teacher and I have worked at the local Mercy Hospital at different times - med. surg. dept., dialysis, recovery, surgery.  I was school nurse for 4 years and the position was eliminated after a millage failed.  Worked at a nursing home for a short while.  Then the final 9 yrs. of working was at a community mental health.  I retired in Dec. 2004 (Ed retired in 1998).  We have lived in Manton (just north of Cadillac) for 20 years.  We have 20 acres that we enjoy and that keep us very busy - mowing, gardening, and snow blowing.  I still have a connection with nursing - volunteering at a free clinic, diabetic clinic and medicine access programs.  Believe it or not, I help a friend occasionally at her day care center, at least until we get our own grandchildren.   Ed has been an avid deer hunter for years.  Never interested me that much until a couple years ago.  I got my first deer with my first shot, a 30-0-6 at 150 yds.(Ed didn't get one that year).  I now have a cross bow and hope to get one this year with it.   We have a chocolate lab, Sadie, a min pin(Rum) and a Morkie, Gizmo.  Almost had an emu, Bourbon!  

    My Dad passed away in 1991 and my Mother in 2006.  My brother, Ron, still lives in Chautauqua.  He and Martha had three beautiful girls(one was killed in an auto accident @ 19).  The other two have made them grandparents of seven.  My sister, Peggy, and her husband, Rob, live in Penn.  Three children, boy and 2 girls and are about to become grandparents for the first time.  Not fair, Peggy is eleven years younger than me!!!

    I am so anxious to see everyone at our "50th"!  So many memories!  It will be FUN!!

Larry "Pete" Reed
15290 OXFORD RD.


Since graduation, I have worked at McCalls, NCR, Miami Paper Company and in April of 2004, I retired from Appleton Papers as a Master Journeyman with 25 years of service.  During this time, I played for The Decades for 30 years.  We made (4) 45 records and (2) albums.  We traveled a lot of places and met a lot of people and had a very good time.  The band is as close as family in most parts after all these years.

 Since graduation, I have farmed on a small scale and raised livestock.  I presently live in German Township with my lovely wife, Pam, and we raise a few Black Angus cattle and quarter horses.

 Pam and I together have 5 children.  We have 4 girls and 1 boy.  We also have 11 grandchildren with 1 more due in October.

 My father passed away in August of 2004, but my mother is still living in West Carrollton and she is 85 years young.

 My hobbies are music, heavy machinery, tractors and Valley View and college football.

Barbara (Rhonomous) McKinney

Prior class member.
1608 Sue Ave.
Miamisburg, OH 45342


  My first two husbands passed away and I was fortunate to find a nice man to marry.  I am now married to Rusty McKinney.  I put myself through nursing school and got my RN degree.  I now run a group home for elderly people.  It is called "Our Home."  I have six children, Mike, Tammy, Rodney, Randy, Patty and Tina.  I have 14 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren and one on the way.

Dave Richards
4186 S. DIXIE HWY.



Linda (Richards) Hockett

Who are you people who keep saying I Graduated 45 years ago?  Wow!  doesn't seem possible! 
Tom and I celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary this year.  We still live on Jamaica Rd. across from the Golf Course. Stop in and say Hi! sometime.  Tom is retired from G.M. but still cleans medical offices part-time.  I work part-time at Asthma and Respiratory Center as a Respiratory Therapist.  I still love what I do and don't plan on retiring for a while.
Our daughter Marty and her family live in Miamisburg.  Our Granddaughter Samantha (16) is a Sophomore at MHS.  We love having them close and we spend a lot of time with them. 
Our son Chris and his family live in Alta Vista Ks.  Our Grandson Ty (13) is an excellent hunter and outdoorsman.  Our Granddaughter Abby (5) is just Queen of Everything. We visit as often and possible, but we miss them terribly.
Tom is still an avid goose hunter with his Chocolate Lab Lily, and are just a little down when the season ends.  Tom recently visited our son and family to go turkey hunting with Ty.  The were quite successful.
I still love to bowl and even though I had both knees replaced this past summer, I still bowl in a league on Mondays.   I have a beautiful dog that is trained as a pet therapist and we visit places on occasion.
See you all Soon!    Linda

Linda (Rittenbock) Kirby



Pamela "Pam" (Robinett) Sparks
TEMPE, AZ 85283


45 Years! Doesn't that seem impossible! Especially since my memory of those school years is so fresh. In many ways those were "the good ole days" & in many families we are now the "older" generation. Dalton & I are still living in Tempe, Arizona. We've "survived" 22 AZ summers & "enjoyed" 22 AZ winters. (Would you believe I still call Miamisburg "home". I have some pretty deep roots there). We will celebrate our own 45th anniversary in 2005 & we have two sons who live nearby in Tempe. We're still working at our company Combustion Controls, selling boilers & controls. We'd love to retire soon, but the exorbitant health insurance costs might keep us working a couple more years. In 2001 I had a battle with breast cancer. I had some surgery, chemotherapy & radiation. I tell you - now even a bad hair day isn't so awful after being totally bald for so long. Then I had surgery on both knees late in 2004. That slowed me down for a good while. Dalton is still very involved in his Black Powder Cartridge reloading & shooting in competitions. That keeps him busy & out of trouble. I'm still doing counted cross stitch & reading like a fiend. Also, it's been a joy keeping in touch with so many old friends through the years. Certainly looking forward to seeing many of you at our reunion.

Dalton and I are still living in Tempe, Arizona and our sons Kevin and Kent live nearby.  We will be celebrating our own 50th Anniversary later this year.  We've been out here in the desert for 26 years.  Our own company, Combustion Controls, provided for us until we both retired in 2007.  Since then we're just enjoying growing old together.

My main hobby is reading.  I've read 1900+ books in the last eight years and still look forward to that next good read.  I spend entirely too much time watching TV, especially any & all sports.  We're fortunate to have all the major league sports teams + NASCAR here in the valley.  I had a chance to ride in a NASCAR at 165 mph at Phx. Intl. Raceway. What a rush!

We're both really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in June and are so pleased to hear we're expecting such a good turn out.  We've always had an exceptional class and we treasure the incredible friendships that we've had through all these years.

"That it's been 50 years seems absolutely impossible"

Brook (Rose) St. Myers
416 EARLY DR., E.



Richard "Dick" Scheu



Judith "Judy" (Schoenberger) Wuerstl



It’s really been 50 years! Funny, I don’t feel that old.  OK, so here goes…the past fifty years of my life.

After graduating from high school, and having had very little money during those years, I decided I would rather get a job than go to college.  Menial job though it was, I was working downtown in the “big city” of Dayton, and enjoying the money I earned.  I was able to save enough to visit my big sister in California each summer for the next two years.  Came home after the last visit, Lonnie Butcher asked me to marry him, so in 1962 I did.  Two years later, pregnant with our first, Robyn, I quit my job to become a full-time wife and mother.  Son Brett was born two and a half years later. Though it is not now “socially correct” to say this…those next years of being a stay-at-home wife and mom were the most joyful and fulfilling for me.  When our children were in Kinder School I was asked to volunteer there to set up a school library and soon after was hired as the “Library Aide”. Took a few classes at Miami of Middletown in Library Science.  Loved my job, working with the children, and it was truly heartbreaking to leave. But, after nearly fifteen years of marriage, there was trouble in paradise.  Unfortunately, due to a number of things I won’t go into, divorce reared its ugly head and I had to get a “real” job. As our children were still young, I looked for a job in Miamisburg in order to be close to home and I found one. Planned on staying with the company until the kids were older, then look for a better-paying job. And it came to pass … thirty years later… I retired from that company, having grown as the company grew.  It was a great job, good for me, a wonderful time and I have never regretted staying there. 

Meanwhile, I was introduced to Don Wuerstl, a former Chaminade boy, a divorced Catholic with two children. I saw in him great strength of character and kindness.  We dated eight years (yes, eight years), and then we married and built a log home on top of Stony Hill on a beautiful lot that backs up to the woods and looks down over the Miami River.  Don was a runner and I soon came to enjoy running too.  Fast-forward to twenty years later, both of us are retired and we are thinking of downsizing; our log home seems to be getting bigger all the time.  I want to stay in Miamisburg.  Don tells everyone, only half in jest, that he just can’t get me out of Miamisburg.  We still run, albeit somewhat slower these days.  I still have my flower and herb gardens and two cats.

Since retirement, I’m having a great time doing all the things I didn’t have time for doing while I was working full-time.  For my first project, I was asked to organize and catalog a collection of over 900 hundred books, tapes, CDs & DVDs in order to create a library at Our Lady of Good Hope Church.  Contributions continue to add to our collection. Miss Helen Reed would have been proud of me. 

After my last Mexican student dropped out of the Miami Literacy Council program I decided to no longer tutor, though I remain in contact with my first student, who now lives in Columbus.  I continue to take the occasional Spanish class at Sinclair College. One advantage of being “older” is that I can now audit classes.

So, with having some extra time, I began to volunteer for Catholic Social Services as an in-home visitor.  I visit a wonderful older woman once a week.  She is legally blind, but a really interesting and fun lady.  We both enjoy our visits together and phone calls. 

After paying my dues to the Miamisburg Historical Society for a number of years, I decided to get serious about volunteering.  I’m now the Coordinator for the Daniel Gebhart Tavern Museum and the Kercher Pioneer Home (corner of Lock & Old Main streets, for those of you who have never heard of it).  I also work with a group from the Society that gives Miamisburg history programs for the third-grade school children.  We go into the classroom and occasionally I give an oral presentation as an Adena Indian named “Singing River”.  The program includes a “Heritage Walk” from Library Park down to the Gebhart Tavern and the Kercher Home, pointing out places of historical interest along the way. 

And then it’s great fun meeting with former classmates at our monthly breakfast and those of you who live in the area should come and join us!  Third Friday of the month, 9:00 AM at Bob Evans, be there.

My daughter and her husband still live and teach in Jupiter, Florida and my son still lives in the ‘Burg.  Don’s daughter is back in the Orlando area.   Don’s son and his wife still live in Waynesville, and last year gave us the best Christmas gift ever. They made us grandparents in December of 2008.  Our first – FINALLY!  It’s a boy, and now we are experiencing all the joy that you folks with grandkids have been telling us about all these years.

 Now, I’ll tell you something about myself.  Compared to a lot of you, some might consider my past fifty years of life as mundane and dull. I have stayed in Miamisburg, have not had great impressive jobs nor have I traveled extensively. But you see, I’m a homebound type of person, loving my life, my man, my family, my church and friends in Miamisburg, along with doing my small part to leave this place a little better for my having been here.  And look… that seems pretty good to me!

Ronald "Ron" Schoenherr
236 Boyle Drive
Eureka, CA  95503


Well, I’ve spent my whole working life since attending Miami University working for more than 46 years in television broadcasting.  The first few years were in commercial broadcasting in Dayton and later in Ft. Wayne.  Although it was interesting since I was fresh out of college but I did not find it too fulfilling.

 I was lucky enough to get a job in public broadcasting in Iowa and produced a daily children’s series until the funding ended after 4 years.  Then, luck would have it I landed a job with the South Carolina Educational Radio and Television Network (SCETV) where I held a wide variety of jobs and ended up as their Senior Vice President and Deputy Director of the agency. 

My work at SCETV took me all over the country doing national projects for PBS, a series of early childhood education programs delivered via satellite to places like American Samoa and to Eskimo villages in Alaska and serving as a representative to an international association of public broadcasters that co-produced and exchanged a number of programs together.  I was able to travel to a number of countries including: Canada, UK, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina while working with our international partners. 

After 30 years with SCETV, I took an early retirement and moved to Eureka, California and took a station manager’s position at one of the smallest PBS stations in the system.  It was quite a change of pace from South Carolina. Eureka is right on the Pacific coast and in the middle of the magnificent redwoods that tower hundreds of feet into the air.

My wife JoAnne and I married right out of college and have one daughter, who lives in Beaufort, South Carolina.  We only get to see her family a few times a year and we really miss seeing our two grandchildren grow up. That leads me to believe that JoAnne and I will be looking to move back to South Carolina soon to be with our family there.

Here is Eureka I’ve been involved on Rotary projects of all kinds.  I’m serving as Board President of a residential drug treatment program that serves about 30 clients.  In my spare time I work with a reading service for the visually impaired.

I won’t be able to attend the 50th reunion but I promise to read all of your up-dated bios. By the way, Gary has done a wonderful with the website and I check it out on a regular basis.  Let’s keep it going.

Robyn (Schreiber) Noll



Donald "Butch" Shade

         Butch & Sandy 2010



I have resided in Miamisburg since graduation. I continue to be an avid sports fan and an active Viking supporter. For 8 years I coached intramural basketball, and have umpired baseball and softball for 26 years. I am divorced with 3 children. My daughter, Aimee is 30 years old and lives in Florida. My son, Jason, is 26 years old and is a teacher in the Miamisburg School System. My youngest son, Sean, is 16 years old and a student at MHS. I am anxiously looking forward to the birth of my first grandchild in September and doing some big time "spoiling" of it. I retired in May from Dayton Walther Corp/Meritor after 37 1/2 years. I was in supervision for 32 years and a Master Scheduler for the last 5 Vz. My hobbies include fishing, golf, watching sports on TV and spending time with my friends. My fiancé, Sandy Stringer (who has 4 children and 8 grandchildren) and I are looking forward to being married soon and traveling around the US, visiting our family and friends.


After graduation I ventured off to Moorehead College (Kentucky) for a year and roomed with Larry Sharp and Gary Fitzwater, which was an experience I will never forget!!  After a few jobs around town, I got a supervisory job at Dayton Walther, from where I retired in 2001 after 37-1/2 years.

 As for my family, I have 2 sons and a daughter.  My daughter, Aimee, lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, my son, Jason, is a teacher in the Miamisburg School System and my youngest son, Sean, lives in South Carolina.  I have 3 beautiful grandchildren, Dawson, Devan, and Deaton. 

 My wife, Sandy, has 4 children and 9 grandchildren so we have a lot of youngins to love, spoil, and take care of whenever possible.  Both Sandy and I are enjoying our good health and these ‘golden’ (??)  years with as much fishing, babysitting, and traveling as we can fit into our schedule.

 Looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion.   Go Blue. 


Larry Sharp

   After graduation I worked for Kimberly Clark in West Carrollton for a year.  Then in 1961 I was off to Morehead State College in KY with Butch Shade and Gary Fitzwater...some adventure.  I graduated in 1966 and started teaching in Milan, IN, where the famous team that the movie "Hoosiers" was made about  After a year and a half in IN, I got a job in the Kettering School System where I coached basketball and was Athletic Director at the junior high for 20 years.

 After retiring from teaching in 1986, I started Sharp Limosuine Service that I still operate today.

 In 1987 my one and only son, Travis, was born.  A friend of mine said I was the only guy he knew who retired and then started a family.  I got married at age 63 to Jeanne and am now one of the village people residing in Pipestone Village, along with former classmates, Stan Bernard and John Fornshell.  I also have a home in Cape Coral, FL, where I spend a lot of time.  I hope to see you at the 50th reunion and know it will be a blast.    Later Alligator!

Carolyn (Sipe) Beal
BEVERLY HILLS, FL 34465-4454


 Dear Class and Friends,

What a great reunion the committee has planned and Floyd and I were looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up on the last five years.

Of all times to miss -- the 50th -- this reunion will be missed by me.  I waited and waited to see if it would be possible to make it, but it just isn't going to happen.  

Three years ago two of our boys moved back to Indy and it looks like they are there to stay.  We are selling our house and hope it won't take too long to move back to Indiana, with winters in a warm climate.  At Christmas, we were with family and I had a bad fall outdoors.  It was decided I had stenosis of the spine, with weakness in my legs.  I knew that, but for many years had been told it was arthritis.  Floyd has helped me mount and dismount my horse the last nine years and rode with me.  I even had two horses I drove.  Now I'm using a handicap scooter with space for an Airedale terrier and a basket for a Bichon.  I go miles in our subdivision and sometimes Floyd bicycles.  He gets the most exercise.  We only have one horse.  The doctor says "no more riding or driving."  

Do some of you remember me riding my bicycle around town and to the library with my cocker spaniel Penny riding in the basket?  I know Bobbi does.  Things haven't changed too much, I guess.

Floyd and I still travel by motor home around the states; some cruises, including one to Alaska last August and the train trip.  We loved going to Sitka, and I was invited to play the organ in the Lutheran Church and the guides happened to be people from Ocala, which is a half-hour away from us.  

Well, you are probably wondering why we aren't coming the reunion.  Our oldest son is a captain in the Navy and has been in D.C. for a year attending the National War College and we are going to his graduation on the 10th of June.  We have gone to all of his Changes of Command and we are so looking forward to this.  Taking an extended vacation in D.C. and down the East Coast.  

Our youngest son travels from Europe, China and the States doing fiberoptic design.  He has a small farm near Indy and we will stay with him this visit.  Our other son keeps us all organized, laughing and happy.  He is a manufacturer's rep for industrial glue and owns a pet product company.  

The total of grandchildren is eight.  They are beautiful, athletic, smart and all ours. The wives of these guys are pretty special, too.

I'm so sorry to miss the celebration and catching up with everything that has happened in the last five years.  I look forward to reading the biographies and hearing all about you.

God bless you and I hope I will see you in five more years.


Cynthia (Smith) Naylor
9 Stinton Lane



Here it is.. another 5 years gone by. A lot can happen in that amount of time! We became tired of being “snow birds” and we left Georgia a second time.  We came back to Ohio and Ron and I built our 6th house in Miami Township.  We both keep busy working on it.  We are also enjoying our newest grandchild, who is 2 ½ now.  That makes 10 between us.  They range from 2 ½ to 22! Life is good.  Looking ahead to our 50th and to what the next 5 years will bring.

Dalton Sparks
TEMPE, AZ 85283


Since our last reunion I have continued to be involved with BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle), Silhouette, Mid Range & Creedmoor long range target shooting. It is a very time consuming hobby, but very enjoyable. It's a great group of guys & I have personally met & talked to most of the top shooters in the country at the annual National Championship matches in Raton, NM. I've also become somewhat of a history buff on these old rifles made prior to 1896 & the era of the buffalo hunters. Pam & I are still in Tempe, AZ, looking forward to selling our business & retiring in the near future. We both are ready to get out of the Phoenix metro area - too many people, too much traffic & too hot in the summer. Maybe moving back to our roots in Ohio, KY or TN. Who knows! Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.


 Pam and I are still living in Tempe, Arizona and our sons Kevin and Kent live nearby.  We will be celebrating our own 50th Anniversary later this year.  We've been out here in the desert for 26 years.  Our own company, Combustion Controls, provided for us until we both retired in 2007.  Since then we're just enjoying growing old together.

 I've continued to stay active in my Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooting.  A great group of good ole guys.  I spend many hours casting and reloading bullets for this hobby.  I enjoy watching NASCAR events on TV and got a chance to take a ride at Phx. Raceway..  Big time thrill!

 We're both really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in June and are so pleased to hear we're expecting such a good turn out.  We've always had an exceptional class and we treasure the incredible friendships that we've enjoyed through all these years.

 "Seems like it was just yesterday that we were eighteen" 

William Stalder



Since I last wrote my Bio, I have retired from Mound.  I am working part-time at Sycamore Hospital here in Miamisburg, and really enjoying it.  I still have the lawn service, but have cut back considerably.  Teri and I have purchased a second home.  One on wheels.  An RV 5th wheel travel trailer.  This year we are planning on going South in it.  Next year we are headed out west. 

I have been married to Teri (Hill-class of 1961) since 1964. We have two children: Barry, 33 and Jill, 31. I'm employed at /BWXT of Ohio, formerly Monsanto. I also own a lawn service business. I hope to retire from Monsanto in October of 2002 and pursue the lawn service full time.

Mary Kay "Kathy" (Stebel) Malone
DAYTON, OH 45305


My husband, Don, died in 03.  I remarried Jerry Malone in 06. He's an old boyfriend from college. Love of my life.  Very, very happy overall!

Judy (41) (daughter) Is due any day now with #4. She is director of special ed at C.S. High School.  Her husband is a stay at home dad.

Jeff (39) (son) lives in St. Louis and works for a computer company, hard ware.  His step-daughter made him a grandpa 3 years ago.

Jenny (36) (daughter) lives in West Carrollton and is married to a UD cop she met when both were undergraduates at U.D.  Jenny is a juvenile probation officer for Montgomery County.  They have 2 boys.

Jim (34) (son) lives for now in Kansas but is a Major in the Army so will be going to Ft. Bliss, TX next.  He and his wife, Chris, have 2 boys are are expecting #3 in October. 

All four children are well and happy.

Jerry has 2 daughters, Jerie (43) and Janelle (33).  They don't have any children.  What Jerry and I think is odd or different : There were 6 children in 10 years between us, his being oldest and youngest and all 6 names start with J's.  We are truly blessed with a great and big family.


Sandra "Sandy" (Stephen) Baver


Gee, a lot has happened in the five years since we had our last reunion!  I am still working in the high school and am completing my tenth year in the system.  However, this year is really something special as our second oldest grandson is a freshman.  Plus, over the next three years, Roy and I will have another grandchild entering the high school so that when they are all in, we will have a freshman through senior.

Speaking of grandchildren, we now have eight consisting of five boys and three girls with the oldest being twenty-one and the youngest three.

At this point, I have to brag a little bit about our second oldest grandson.  As I said before, he is completing his freshman year and is literally following in Roy’s footsteps.  Not only was he in marching band this past fall and now in concert band plus jazz ensemble playing the trumpet, he has so impressed his “Opa” that Roy gave him the Martin trumpet he played through high school, college, and beyond for Christmas.  Plus, he has loved fire trucks and firefighters since he was old enough to walk and talk so now, he is a member of the Washington Township Fire Department’s fire explorers and loving every minute of it learning how to pull hose, climb ladders, do search and rescue and most importantly how to wash and wax those big red fire trucks.

Nancy (Stevick) Carns



Ruby Stidham



Phil Stine
39 The Oaks Circle
Birmingham, AL 35244



Phil retired from Beech Aircraft Company, Wichita Ks. in June 2005 after 27 years, 17 years with NCR.  Beverly retired from the Coca-Cola Company in 2004.

We have lived in OH,PA,GA,KS,FL,AZ and now in AL. We will celebrate 49 years of marriage in December 2010. Beverly and I have the same birthday and she is 11 minutes older than I. We have 3 children Cherie, Nicole, Jason and have 3 Grandchildren.

(NEW ADDRESS 5/18/10)

Jo Ann (Sturgill) Jenkins
112 South Williamstown Road
L BLUFF, GA 30559




Jack (Jay) S. Sturtevant, Jr.



I am still working and sometimes wonder if I could actually walk away.  After 30 years of building a business, It's going to be like deserting a child.  My responsibilities have diminished to the point that I can spend a good bit of time away from the office.  Vicki and I continue to travel to France.  My youngest sister married a Frenchman and they have lived in France for 30 years.  Free board and a good glass of wine are very enticing.  We also spend a lot of time at the beach.  Casual lifestyle and great place to relax.  We have plenty of room, so if any of you are in the Charleston area remember free board and a bad glass of wine can be very enticing.
We have been blessed with a third grandchild.  Vicki loves to have them visit.  I love to fill them up with sugar and sent them home.  Pay back is hell. 
In September 2006 I and open heart surgery and suffered a stroke during surgery.  I spent the next several months learning to walk again.  I have made great progress and have virtually recovered.  It's times like this that you reminisce and think about your life.  All I ever wanted was to pay my bills and be happy.  Mission accomplished, and I hope I have made a few others happy along the way.  See you in 2010.

Following graduation from Fairmont High School, I attended Ohio University majoring in architecture.  After 2 1/2 years it was obvious my engineering skills would prevent my designs from listing badly.  I returned to Kettering and worked at WLW-D for 2 years when I was drafted into the army.  My father actually turned me in to the draft board.  So much for the fun times.  I attended the artillery OCS (our 45th reunion is this May at Ft. Sill, OK ).  I attended jump school at Ft. benning, GA, the army demolition school at Ft. Belvior, VA and became a proud member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam (1966-67).  As an artillery forward observer, I would sometimes remember the days we would  "play " war in the Fornshell's woods with our BB guns.  Those memories always made be chuckle...  They would reminded me I was still just Jay Sturtevant from Miamisburg, Ohio   I was discharded after 3 1/2 years as a 1st Lieutenant.  The army was good for me.  The experience gave me time to grow up.                                                

 I returned to college in 1968, and graduated in 1970 with a degree in econmics. (the 10 year plan)  I met my wife, Vicki while in school. (It was like taking candy from a baby)  We were married in June 1970 in Indianapolis.  John Fornshell  was my best man.  That month I began my career with Marathon Oil Company, however after 6 transfers during my 9 1/2 years, ( Ind-twice, SC, FLA, & OH-twice) moving was getting old.  When we were asked to move to Chicago, it was time to find a permanent home.   I resigned and we moved back to South Carolina.  It was exciting to at last choose where we wanted to live.  With no job or corporated unbrella, Vicki wasn't exactly as excited as I was.  I saw it as an opportunity, Vicki, bless her heart stuck with me.  We now had two sons.

 I purchased a small burglar alarm company and we starved in the beginning.  As the company began to grow things got better.  I can honestly say the past 31 years have been a pure joy.  As we get older and better understand what make us happy, I couldn't have found a more perfect mate, perfect profession, or perfect home.  Our oldst son is a very contented corporate guy in Charlotte, NC.  Our youngest son who has been with the company for 10 years is now president which allows Vicki and I ample time to mess around.  We have a beach house on the Isle of Palms , North of Charleston, SC.  We spend a lot of time there and travel to France to visit a sister who is married to a Frenchman.  When I'm in Greenville, SC (our home) I go to the office every day.  It's a habit hard to stop, but I love it.  I don't think I'll ever quit.  I draw and water color house portraits as a hobby.(no engineering required))

 We have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls, evenly split.  They are truly beach bumbs, along with their grandfather.  I am truly looking forward to attending the 50th reunion in June.  It's been too long.