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Anita (Day) Rammel
1016 E. PEARL ST.

  I retired four years ago from Delphi after only eight years with them. Most of my work years, I had been a cosmetologist.  I worked in the beauty business for 29 years and I enjoyed every work day and the customers.

 I have two grown children and seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren, all of whom are special. I lost a son twenty years ago, but I still see his children, which has helped heal his absence. 

 I read and sew all winter long, but I enjoy yard work, flowers and garden in warm weather.  I am fortunate to have had good health all these years.  I love Miamisburg and I don't want to be anywhere else.  We came here when I was eight from Southeast KY and had a hard time adjusting.  I missed my grandparents and relatives there.  My father lived and died there in the house he was born in at 80.  I helped my mother in her old age; my younger brother lives with me now as he has special needs. 

I have traveled a great deal and enjoyed life as I have aged and experienced the journey.  I have great children, great family and great friends.

I've attended most of our class reunions and hated to quit talking and go home.  I look forward to this year, too.  I can't wait to see everyone again.


Sandra "Sandy" (DeHart) Brest

Mike and I are now married 38 years and still live on Siesta Key.  We feel like true Floridians and love the lifestyle.  I am "semi-retired" from the hospital and work two days a week.  Mike and I enjoy the beach, eating out with friends, and traveling. Our favorite vacation was a Mediterranean Cruise and our most recent was a week in Cancun this past Feb.

 Our daughter, Keena, who never wanted children, joined the foster child program 3 years ago, and began taking in teenagers who needed a safe home.  She has now adopted three siblings and is in the process of adopting two more girls this summer.  She also has legal guardianship of two sisters.  That makes "7" teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18.  While doing all this she finished her doctorate degree this spring.

We plan to spent time with our grandson, Scott and two great-grandsons, Cameron 7 and Braydon 5, while  in Miamisburg for the reunion.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Gary Denton
Dayton, OH


Linda (Dunham) Roemer



After graduating from U.C., BS Pharmacy, I married and moved with my husband to Niles, Ohio, where we worked together in retail pharmacy in the family drugstore. We had two children, Susan and Sara Troutman, and led happy, but busy lives. I worked part-time in the store and served on the Board of Education for the Niles City Schools. My husband died very suddenly in 1983. After a few years, I decided to remarry and moved to Pittsburgh. I am working full time for Eckerd Drug. Unfortunately, my husband and I are in the process of divorcing. I feel my most important role of the past 29 years has been as mother to Susan and Sara. They are lovely young women. Sara, has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and lives and works in East Lansing, MI. Susan is Dr. Susan Troutman and she and her husband Jim are living in Santa Clara, CA. My "grandchildren" are two canines: Duke and Linus.


Edwin Edgerton


Joan passed away in May of 2006, following a 20 year skirmish with breast cancer.  Although we faced many challenges over those years, I am grateful for a full and rewarding 35 years together. I am fortunate to have our daughter, Erin, her husband, Greg and granddaughters, Grace and Ava living close by in Pleasanton. Grace is 7 and Ava is almost 5. Of course, I am an insufferable, doting ‘Papa”.    Our son, Todd is a SWAT officer in Sacramento. He is still a bachelor but has been with a terrific gal for 5 years.  I remain hopeful.

I retired seven years ago when the company that I had been working for was acquired by a Danish firm.  Since then, I have been doing some off and on (mostly off) technical consulting and math tutoring. Joan retired from teaching in 2003 but continued on as a part-time substitute teacher and tutor almost until she died. We lived in Santa Clara, California for all of our married life.   Joan and I actually met near here in 1970.

I came to “Silicon Valley” in 1969 following a three year, not-so-voluntary enlistment in the Air Force.  I had spent the five years before that at the University of Miami, Florida studying physics and electrical engineering.  Fittingly, my first real job was with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a high energy physics research lab. After a few years of this I became restless and did what many engineers eventually do here in the Valley:  I joined a start-up.

Over the years, I have held management positions in a number of small, young companies, including one of my own.  These businesses were, for the most part, involved with medical equipment and high energy scientific devices.  My most recent position was with a company that made industrial and scientific cameras, where I was the Director of the Intelligent Transportation Division.

I now keep myself busy and amused with my granddaughters, with other family activities and also with some occasional travel.  Additionally, I continue my attempt to master the game of golf, which is not coming easily for me.  You may remember how athletically challenged I was in High School!

Jay Emmons
6829 Wembley
Centerville, OH 45459


Barbara "Bobbi" (Eshbaugh) Wilkins
4351 S.W. 13th AVE
Okeechobee, FL 34974


Looking forward to seeing everyone this year at the reunion.
I am still working, (against my will) and looking forward to retiring sometime within the next few months to years.
We are presently building our retirement home in Okeechobee , FL and hope to move into it around May.  Since we have had several severe hurricanes last year, we are building an all concrete and steel home, which is hurricane proof.
Our Son married last year, to a wonderful gal and we now have an additional 3 grandchildren, and hope to have more in the near future.  We presently have 4 grandchildren.
My husband retired last year and is really enjoying his retirement.
I stay busy with working and running a craft guild for the church and going to see all our grandchildren.  Now, I am staying very busy with getting our house packed up and getting ready to move. 
If you have ever been through a hurricane, it is a real experience, we got to experience several last year.    I was a hurricane shelter manager last year, when the hurricane blew the roof off the building and we had to find another shelter for 1300 people, during the eye of the hurricane.  A real live nightmare.

I was finally was able to retire in late 2005, after many years as a sales rep in the food and health industry.  We moved into our retirement home in Okeechobee, FL. and have been very active in this community. We stay busy with traveling to see our grandchildren and cruising. Our next cruise, we  will be taking a European River cruise in May. Looking forward to having a great time at the 50th reunion, but does not seem possible that we have been out of school that long.

David Eshbaugh


Judy (Eshbaugh) Houser


I have lived in Michigan since 1967, when all my kids were very small. I was divorced in1972. Since the kids were all settled in school, I decided to stay here so they could havea relationship with their father. I worked at Dart Container Corp. (the leading Styrofoam cup and plastics company in the world) until 1991. I had also gotten my real estate license in 1985 and sold part time. After I left Dart, I sold real estate full time for about 5years. I remarried in 1986. My husband works for GM in Flint and I now work for Fanning/Howey Associates in Williamston. They design schools and the home office is in Celina, OH. Our company is the leading firm for school design in the U.S. and it is very interesting work.

I have 3 sons. Two of them live in Lansing and the oldest is in the process of moving to Biloxi, Mississippi. We have 10 grandkids. I pick up one each Friday night and take him/her back home on Saturday afternoon. We have such a good time. They really enjoy the overnight and so do I.

We are talking about all the things we want to do after we retire, not sure when that will be-soon I hope. Looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying all the stories you all will have.


Can't believe it has been 50 years!! Time has just flown for me too.


Well since the last posting there have been a lot of changes in my life. My marriage of 17 years ended in 2003 and that started a very bad 2004. The good part is I bought a house in May of 2004 but got laid off my job of 8 years 3 weeks later. My Dad passed away two weeks later and my Mom passed away 4 months later. I struggled trying to find a job for over a year (no one seemed to want to hire an "older" person with lots of experience). My unemployment was running out along with my COBRA so I took a job at Wal Mart working nights unloading and stocking freight in November 2005. Actually that was such a fun job and I loved the exercise it gave me. No pressure, finally!! We worked nights from 10 pm to 7 am with the store closed during those hours we didn't have to deal with the public and had minimum supervision - Yeah. Another plus was that jeans and t-shirts were my work clothes. Can you believe that!! No more suits, heels and pantyhose - wonderful. Life was finally turning around and things were going great, just waiting for March 2008 so I could retire.


In December 2006 I received a letter from GM stating my ex-husband had passed away which made me eligible to retire in June of 2007 using his SS so June 5, 2007 I retired from Wal Mart to begin my life of leisure (haha). What a grand day, life has really been wonderful. Retirement has been so busy but with fun things as you retirees all know. My oldest son, Tom and his family were transferred to just outside Sidney, Australia from Biloxi, MS and I visited them for 2 weeks. What a marvelous visit and trip, I couldn't have asked for better.


A couple of years ago my sister, Phyllis, and I flew to London, England where my son and family were transferred. Another 2 week vacation that was out of this world. Tom and Julie were the best tour guides ever. We had the opportunity to tour Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Square, Herrod’s plus almost daily tours to all parts of London and the surrounding areas including Stonehedge.


Last spring they moved back to Georgia so I can visit them more often. Also last June I took three of my grand kids to Tennessee for a week to visit their brother, Travis, and attend his graduation from high school. We all had such a good time boating, jet skis, swimming and visiting with family again. In August I flew to Georgia, Tom and I drove to South Caroline to attend Travis's graduation from Marine boot camp and another visit with his family and friends down there. He is doing very well in the Marines and works as a mechanic on the F-18 fighter jets at his home base in Beaufort, SC. Sure hope he stays in the states for awhile. My middle son, Tim, is doing construction work that keeps him busy most of the time. I do a lot with his 3 kids, seeing school plays, baseball practices and games and they spend weekends at my house A LOT. We have so much fun.


My youngest son, Tyler, still works for City of Lansing and counting the years till he can retire. His 2 children and 2 step children have all graduated and have the pleasure of joining the work force plus 2 are going to college also. I have 4 great grand kids from 1 month to 3 years, they are so cute. As far as my working, I am an on-call for Edward Jones Investments working when they need me. That has slowed down considerably since every business is cutting back on expenses, which is fine. I do enjoy the job and glad I don't have to accept the work if I am busy with something else. I probably work there 300+ hours a year from 1 office (could do more if I added more offices to my on-call list. Isn't that the life?


The last thing is that I just found that I will not be able to attend the reunion this year, I am having gall bladder surgery on June 22. I am so sorry that I won't be able to visit with all my classmates after such a long wait. The committees have planned so many wonderful events it is a shame to miss them. Please take a lot of pictures to post on the website as I love pictures. Hope you all have a grand time and really enjoy the activities.


Gary Fitzwater


John Fornshell
16 Fairwood
Miamisburg, OH 45342

  45 years since graduation; 40 years married; retirement; What a great year!

Phyllis and I will be celebrating our 40 years together with a trip to Cabo San Lucas with our sons Todd and Bryan and their spouses. We are looking forward to a great time.

In April of this year I retired from the Hendrick Automotive Group after nearly 30 years in the automotive business. Heart by-pass surgery three years ago convinced me to re-think my priorities. So far no regrets. Phyllis enjoys the increased supervision around the house!

We still live in Charlotte NC but plan to move back to our home in the “Burg” at some point. In the meantime, we shuttle back and forth. Old friends and our family keep us up to date.

In addition to this travel, we plan to take advantage of the time that retirement affords. We have grandchildren in Miamisburg, Bryan and his family, and Todd and his family in Clearwater FL
It will be nice to see them more. We also recently enjoyed a cruise with Stan and Rosalie and in May, my brother Bill and I are taking a month to tour the west on our Harleys. Pam and Dalton Sparks and Bill’s son and family in San Francisco will be stops on the trip. I plan to be back in time for the reunion although I may have to make it on the bike yelling “Holy “@ *#$ what a ride” I can’t get off.

All in all it has been a great 45 years and I look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion.


Well, as anticipated in my bio five years ago, Phyllis and I moved back to Miamiasburg. Retirement years have only gotten better. I have discovered the joys of exercise through lawn cutting and maintenance and vehicle maintenance. Before retirement, I had "People".  Of course, riding the Harley also keeps me fit!

Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard in planning our 50th Reunion

We enjoy spending time with our neighbors and friends and more time traveling to be with family.

Some of our best weeks are now spent at our second home  in the foothills of the Smokies in eastern Tennessee. Last year we were there in the summer and again in the fall and looking forward to the same this year. Fresh vegetables were in abundance during the summer __ thanks to our neighbor.  Phyllis has become the Paula Deen of Tennessee, cooking okra, green beans and new potatoes to perfection. We are close to great fishing so I am in charge of providing the fresh fish when the the fish are willing.

We spend many hours on the front porch with a view of the Smoky Mountains and beautiful sunsets. While there, I am also a "Gentleman Farmer" in that someone else cuts and bails our 7 acres of hay. I have "people" again__ok __ Person.

Life is good!  See you all in June at our 50th reunion.

Edna Sue Frye
DAYTON, OH 45439

  After graduation, I moved to Missouri.  There I met and married Dale Long.  We had three children.  In 1970, we moved to Ohio.  Dale passed away July, 1998.  I have six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  I am working on my twentieth year at Little School Day Care, where I'm the assistant administrator.  I have a spoiled cat named Wally.