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Sharon (Akerd) Anderson


Sharon passed away on Thursday, November 15, 2012, after a long battle with cancer.

Marilyn (Allen) Scott


I am completing my 29th year of teaching at Springboro Community Schools and am still living in Springboro. I presently teach 6th grade general science. I was divorced in 1982 and am still single. I have 2 sons, Frank Scott and Rob Scott. Frank is married and has blessed me with my only granddaughter, Taylor Marie Scott, 5 years old. They live in New Carlisle, OH. Rob is married and has 3 sons, Garrett Mark, age 7, Gabriel Robert, age 4, and Gavin Russell, age 2. Rob and his family have lived in PA but are now relocating to NY State with his recent job promotion. My future plans include retiring and possibly relocating to FL.

Sharon (Allen) Zakar



Sharon still owns her own preschool. She is also involved with rescuing bulldogs. We still breed and show bulldogs, which provides us with an opportunity to travel all over the U.S. We now have 2 step-granddaughters, 14 and 16. We also have a granddaughter who is 24 and studying to be a firelighter and fire inspector. John retired from G.M. and is enjoying himself doing nothing. He helps Sharon with the bulldog rescue and does a little farming on the side. We both enjoy showing and breeding bulldogs.


My life changed very suddenly two years ago when John passed away very suddenly. However much is still the same. I still live on my 14 acre farm. It keeps me busy mowing. I rent some of the land to a neighbor who farms it. I still have a bunch of dogs, but I no longer breed or show them. I am still very active in dog clubs and am an officer or board member in three of them I still belong to my sorority and will soon celebrate fifty years as a member. I still own my own preschool and will probably work a few more years. My parents keep having babies and telling me I can't retire until I have that child also. I have always wanted to play the piano, so about three years ago I started to take lessons. I may never play Carnegie Hall, but I am having fun learning. I also recently took up knitting. As seems to be the case more and more, my daughter and son-in-law are raising a three year old grandson. I have one grand daughter who just finished her degree as a veterinary technician. Since she is married and has a child it took six years instead of four. I also have one great- grandson and five step great-grand children. I am looking forward to the reunion and hope to see many of my classmates there.

Jim Allison
BEDFORD, TX 76022  


  Fifty years already, I remember the early sixties, (things from two days ago maybe a problem.) late sixties and early seventies are a smoky haze.

I started my career in the advertising/printing business, on the last week of June, 1960 in an art studio in Dayton as an apprentice illustrator. After three years, found a job in a printing company in Dayton. With classes at Sinclair and having skilled people in almost all departments at the printing company, they taught me all aspects of the printing business.

I went on to positions with E. F. Macdonald, worked for them twice, in the mid sixties and late seventies.

 I worked two years in the late sixties for a point of purchase Display Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a Production Art director on accounts for General Motors Cadillac Motor Division, Budweiser, and Miller beer.

Returned to Dayton, and held various positions with, E. F. Macdonald Travel Co., as Travel Graphics manager, Hobart Corp. Manager of creative services. Shopsmith as Corporate print and graphics buyer. Western Star Publications as plant manager. Paxar National Tag purchasing manager.

In 1995, I went into consulting with a contract in Dallas Texas, to re-organize a printing company to make it profitable again. Accomplished that is 8 months. I decided to stay here and continued my consulting.

After being single again for 5 years, (That’s whole other story) I met my Texas bride Alice, and we were married in 2001.

Well as fate would have it, a national search company contacted her, and she was offered a job in Cincinnati.

After 5 years in Texas I ended up sixty minutes away from where I started.

After 5 years in Cincinnati we returned to Texas.

I’ve retired and only take an occasional consulting job to get away from my “Honey do list”, and to support my GMC truck I’m re-building.

Will be starting work on a children’s book dedicated to my grandson Austin, who died 4 years ago in a pool accident.

I have 5 children, 7 grand children, 3 great-grand children. My son Jim Jr. is a communications major at Ohio State, daughter Casey is a manger of store for a national chain in Las Cruces Nm. son Arron is an EMT for the Dayton fire department, my son Rob is an ASE tech. in Enon, Ohio, my daughter Suzzanne, is a director for a national company out of San Antonio Texas.

Mary (Amsler) Chabot
2550 ST. ROAD 580, LOT 178
CLEARWATER, FL 33761-2913


I lived in Miamisburg 34 years after graduation. My first marriage immediately following graduation ended in divorce 2 V2 years later but we were blessed to have a daughter, Kimberly and a son, Jeffery. In 1965 I married a second time to a man I met while working at Standard Register. We had a daughter, Janeen. This marriage ended badly in 1968.

During the next 13 years, I worked at NCR, SCA Waste Management and Monnier's Ine. in the Dayton area to support three children and .myself. It is now 1981. Kim was attending college, Jeff had enlisted in the Navy and Janeen was a sophomore in Miamisburg High School. All three of them graduated from the "Burg." I met husband #3 while working at Monnier's. This marriage ended just as badly as the second one did in November 1982.

I lived and worked the next 19 years as a single, divorced woman. All the high school commercial courses (and some accounting and marketing courses I took while attending Sinclair College) provided the tools necessary tel work in all areas of bookkeeping, payroll, sales, and office management. Would: I have planned my life with a mountain of difficult challenges? No, of course not, but I did what I had to. It wasn't easy but it was rewarding.

I have nine grandchildren, ages ranging from 5 to 22. I moved to Florida in 1994 to be closer to Kim and her husband and three children. Jeff and his wife and two children live in Illinois and Janeen lives in Alabama with her four children.

After 19 years of self-dependence, another marriage was the last thing I anticipated, but in 2001, I did marry a man from Canada. We just celebrated our 9th anniversary. (Maybe, there is hope for me after all.)

Unfortunately for me, in 2005, I fractured a vertebrae in my lower back as the result of being in a car accident in Georgia. I was told that without surgery I would probably be paralyzed since the fracture was compromising my spinal cord. Within a month and four surgeries later, more than half the vertebrae in my back are fused together. I am very fortunate to be walking, This condition forced me into early disability retirement. Now I am just a wife and homemaker.

I enjoy gardening (with a little help), crafts and floral arranging, bingo, playing games and cards, fishing, reading, and watching "the soaps. II • Like many of you have already said, I am looking forward to celebrating our "50th".


Ann Anderson

1302 Vina Vista #304
Cold Spring,  KY 41076



I live in a friendly, charming condominium complex called Chardonnay in N. Kentucky just south of downtown Cincinnati where I try to spend a lot of time at the clubhouse pool.

 After two 11 year marriages ( 11 must be an unlucky number for me ), I have been happily single for twenty-one years now.  I have two children, Michael, 46, who was married for the first time last year and Marianne, 43 who gave me my one grandchild, Christina, 18.

 After being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years following my first divorce I returned to work as an RN, first in private duty then in long term care at Otterbein Home. I bought my first Diet Center franchise in 1977 and over the next 17 years grew that business into 4 locations in the Cincinnati area.  In 1995 I returned to nursing and was promoted to Director of Nursing at Scarlet Oaks in Clifton.  Then back to sales again  combining my healthcare experience last year  I concluded a 10 year employment with Sysco Foods of Cincinnati as a Healthcare Account Executive .  I am enjoying being at home but am looking for something to do part time.

 My love of travel started in the 70’s when I was a traveling nurse for an 84 year old gentleman I met at Otterbein Home who was a disabled stroke victim. Including my two trips to Europe with him to Germany , France and Switzerland and then to Israel and Greece I have traveled to over 25 countries.  The last trip was a cruise on the Baltic Sea this past summer with my sister, Jane.  We visited the Scandinavian countries plus Russia and Poland.  On the last of my many trips to Mexico, Bonnie Goodwin Van Zandt went along to Aventura Spa Palace on the Riviera Maya. We had a great time!

 My fondest memories of times with family and friends are of the 20 years going to my cottage on the banks of the Ohio River in Adams County. Every weekend from March through October we packed up and off we headed to where we had no TV or telephone.  We boated, skied, cooked out, played games , drank lots of beer and there was always lots of laughter.  Cynthia and Ron Naylor visited a couple times.

 My spare time now is spent mostly playing golf, working out , going dancing, reading, playing cards,  painting and driving around in my red ‘72 Olds Cutlass convertible.

I also love being with my boyfriend, friends and family. Roland, Gary and Sue are in the Dayton area. Doug lives in Michigan. Jane, also single now, lives in downtown Cincinnati.

Ron Anderson
769 Hidden Circle
Centerville, OH 45458



Arlene (Anspach) Jund


After many years of being single, I remarried in October, 2002 to Karl Jund.  I don’t know when I have had so much fun.  We have had so much to laugh about; it has been wonderful. But also there have been a few tears as we remember sad times in our lives.  With this marriage I gained a wonderful step-daughter, Karla, who is also a graduate of Msbg with the class of 1983.  She lives in Tampa, FL, is unmarried but has a very nice boyfriend.

 My oldest son, Tim and wife, Cindy, have two boys, Chris, 16 and Kevin, 11.  They live in Gratis, OH.  My youngest son, Jeff and wife, Jackie, have two children, Jordan Marie, 7 and Austin, 5.  They live in Troy, OH.

 After 26 ½ years at Metropolitan Insurance, I am ending my working career and planning my retirement for June 30 of this year.  Plus, I worked at NCR after graduating for over 11 years. Now it’s time for me to be a housewife. 

 Karl is in construction, working for Tes Tech and may retire in the spring of 2006.  Other than doing a little traveling, I am sure we will be busy.

Carol (Askins) Myers


I can't believe it has been 50 years since we graduated. Time sure goes fast.

Bob and I wll celebrate 48 years of marriage in July.  We have 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters. Family is so important to us.  Lots of happy moments together.

With retirement we enjoy mini vacations and 4 weeks in Florida in the winter. 

Can't wait to see all of my classmates.


I worked in office service NCR from 1960-1964.  I’ve worked as a floral designer, baby sitter and lots of non-paying, rewarding jobs.

 Bob and I have been married 43 years.  He retired from “Old Monsanto” two years ago.  We are really enjoying retirement and keep busy traveling and spending time with our family.  We have two daughters, Debbie and Sharon, and four granddaughters, Jessica 10, Kaitlyn 5, Amanda 4 and Rachel 1.

I’m a member of the “Red Hat Society” and have been to many interesting places. 

We just got our first computer and this is the new challenge for us. 

I can’t believe we have been out of school 45 years! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in June.



Carol's obituary was in today's (10/18/2011?) Dayton Daily News.  Sad to lose another classmate!

 MYERS, Carol Sue 69, of Springboro died Sunday October 16, 2011 at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. She was born in Dayton, the daughter of Lester and Bernice (Skinner) Askins. Carol was a member of the "Red Hat Society" in Miamisburg and Germantown. She is survived by her husband of 49 years, Robert, two daughters, Debra (Mark) Newsad and Sharon (Shawn) Fenton, 4 grandchildren, Jessica, Kaitlyn, Amanda and Rachel. She also leaves a brother, Richard ( Bonnie) Askins. Funeral services will be Thursday 10:00 am at the Anderson Funeral Home 40 N. Main St. Springboro. Visitation will be Wednesday 5 - 8pm at the funeral home. Memorial contributions can be made to St John's United Church of Christ, 201 W. Market St. Germantown, Ohio 45327.


Susan (Barry) Takacs



After High School I was off to Marquette University.  There I learned a lot about not living in the ‘Burg.  While taking some summer classes at UD I met John Takacs and married him a year later.  After brief adventures in Denver and St Louis we settled down in the Miami Valley. We lived first in Beavercreek then on a farm in Clark county and finally in Fairborn.  Our three children (Barry, Scott and Theresa) have fond memories of all the animals on the farm.  Shortly after we moved to Fairborn we learned what we had thought was John’s chronic illness was fatal and he died in 1986.  By this time our children were in college so it was time to rebuild my life.

  I became more active in church and civic affairs.  I also was busy with a sales job with a food broker. I was rolling along and then came 9/11.  The company I worked for had been operating on a thin margin and it went out of business.  I knew I wasn’t ready to retire so I made lemonade and decided to go to work for Catholic Social Services part time.  This gave me time to join a book club and enjoy my hobbies of knitting, crosstiching and gardening.   

  This past year I finally went on one of my dream trips; a tour and cruise in Alaska.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I enjoyed myself so much I retired and now I am on to better things.   I really enjoy the pace of retirement although like many before me I find I am busier than ever.

  I am looking forward to seeing all of you in June

Roy Baver


You’ve got to be kidding! It’s not possible! You’re putting me on! Are you sure it’s been five years since our last reunion? It certainly doesn’t seem like it! Wasn’t it just last year that we got together in the party house just south of Miamisburg, listened to music, had our charicatures drawn, and kept spell bound by a magician? Boy, time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Speaking of fun, I am still pretty much involved with everything I have been doing since I retired. At this point, I’ve got to tell you that calling it retirement has got to be a misnomer! The only additional thing I have added to my already busy routine is another day once a month traveling to Columbus for a meeting of the Ohio Board of Building Standards Ad Hoc Committee on Training. I was appointed to this committee a little more than two years ago and was recently reappointed again for another two years. The task of this committee is to determine and develop standardized training for new and existing personnel throughout the State of Ohio designated to ascertain code compliance with all newly constructed and remodeled buildings.

And finally, for those of you who can’t believe that’s me in the bottom picture on the left, bring your grandchildren to the Antioch Shrine Circus at UD Arena – it’s held every year in April -- and maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll give you a "clown surprise". See ya at the circus!
Roy was always a clown!!

Ok, when did we get so old?  And, who says we’re not young anymore?  From the pictures I’ve seen, I think we all look pretty darn good!  Well, maybe not Stan.  But, then again, anyone who has been president of this rowdy and fun lovin’ class for as long as he has probably should look like he’s been rode hard and put away wet!  Just kidding old buddy, there’s no one else who could have done the job half as well as you have all of these years and for that, I commend and salute you!

 Since someone else has brought it up, let’s talk about Camp Wakonda a.k.a. BAND CAMP.  For those of us who had the good fortune to be one of John Stone’s band kids, who can forget those memorable week long sessions of learning new marching routines and the music needed to make them work for the ensuing football season.  And, let’s not forget those memorable mornings as we gathered around the flag pole for the daily raising of the flag that took place after such items as someone’s bra or an adult chaperone’s multicolored half slip were taken down.  Then of course, there was the hot chocolate that was served every morning for breakfast.  It always struck me funny that nobody would drink it after the second morning.  I can’t say for sure but, I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion as to it having something to do with a certain item that was kept in the camp’s medicine cabinet?  Gee, whenever I think about this, I wonder why a product named “EX-LAX” keeps popping into my mind?  And of course, one of my fondest memories is the morning a cow got loose on the marching field and several of the boys trying to chase it off the field as it was defecating on their shoes.  Just a little nostalgia to brighten the day for those of us who were there and a little insight as to how hard we had it for those who weren’t.

 So, jumping ahead to today, as for me, I’m still pretty much involved with everything I talked about in my last bio so, I won’t regurgitate it here.  It’s simply sufficed to say, “I still don’t know when I had time to do all of the work I retired from more than 13 years ago.”

 There’s one other thing I would like to mention.  Besides being involved with the Class Reunion Committee, since last September, Sandy and I have also been serving on the Miamisburg High School Alumni Association’s Executive Committee.  And, we are doing so as the representatives from our class since this year we are an HONOR class.  Their committee meetings for the most part have been on a monthly bases and over the past few months, they have certainly been quite interesting to say the least.  However, we’ve felt extremely privileged to represent you and are quite proud of our classmates and want to thank each of you so much for your participation in this upcoming weekend.  What we find so amazing is that every time we report how many of you are attending – with the number continually rising – the rest of the Executive Committee is in awe!  They just can’t fathom the number of attendees we’ll be having but then again, they don’t know you like we do!  Hence, the most interesting part about this is that our class is going to make up almost half of the total number of attendees at the dinner Saturday night.  And, for each and every one of you that can’t be with us, we certainly understand and hope all goes well for you!  We’ll miss you but, rest assured, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.  In addition, we hope that one day in the near future our paths will cross so that we can renew old acquaintances from the best and most formative years of our lives.


Joyce (Belvo) Yelton

2004 was a busy year for us!   I retired from Intel in October in Beaverton, Oregon and we decided to move east to be nearer our 9 grandkids and of course, our four kids -three of which are in the Dayton area.  After 27 years in the Pacific Northwest, it was a  big change moving to Rocky Top.  Crossville is known as the golf capital of Tennessee.  We are enjoying our new home in the woods and are looking forward to golfing, gardening and trips in our motor home to the eastern coast and places in between. This year Gary and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.


I am still finding it hard to believe we are celebrating the big '50'!!   After graduation, I spent 22 years in government work (10 at Mound Lab; 12 at Idaho National Lab in Idaho)  Then I went to high tech company- Intel in Beaverton, Oregon for 14 years where I retired.  What a learning curve that turned out to be!  Gary and I loved the northwest, spent many weekends camping/hiking on the Oregon coast and  horseback riding and cross country skiing in mountains of Idaho. 

We live on the Cumberland plateau in Tennessee which is very pretty but the humidity in the summer finds us escaping and spending summers in Idaho and the northwest.  We have a 5th wheel trailer that makes life easy.  I enjoy gardening, walking, some golf with my hubby and  love to read.  Both my older brothers have also retired here and it is nice to have family close after 30 years of being in different states

We come to the Miamisburg area to see three of our kids and grandkids (2 daughters in Germantown; son in Kettering). Our other daughter is in Colorado Springs, Co. 

Life has been good and much to be thankful for.

Looking forward to seeing you all in June. 


Charles Bennett



Stanley "Stan" Bernard

Same smile as his 1st grade

Picture taken in beautiful downtown South Florida.
Stan is the one on the left. The
one on the right is not smiling.



Forty-five years ago we graduated from Miamisburg High School. The years, though many, do not seem that long ago. There have been marriages, children, grandchildren and careers. I have been very fortunate in that I have lived to enjoy all of these things, as have many of us. We had some good friends during those school years. Today many of those friends are a part of fifty-year friendships. Nothing can remove the fun and fond memories of those times. Many years ago a good friend called and said, "You must see the movie Stand By Me". "It's us," he said. I did- -it was. The closing scene, that takes place thirty years later, ends with these words, "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve". "Does anyone"?


On June 2, 1960 we were lined up from “Akerd to Zink.”  We heard Kaarn Weaver, Sharon Malone and Carol Medlar give our yet to be developed minds a look into what our futures might hold. I certainly believe they were ahead of their time and I am slowly catching up.

Rosalie and I have a blended family of three daughters and two sons.  We are proud of them…all five are college graduates and all five are successfully employed.  In addition, we have nine grandchildren, seven who are 9 months to 17 years and two less than 24 years who refer to us as Papa and Mimi and melt our hearts every time we’re with them.

Three years ago, I turned over the reins of my business to my partner and Rosalie retired from teaching.  We wrote our “bucket list” and packed our bags.  We’ve travelled to England, Scotland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada and many places in the U.S. for various adventures. I have been taking an August fly-in fishing trip to Canada for the last ten years and will do so this year. Six years ago I took our sons and sons-in-laws along for a week and it was a great experience.  I have enjoyed hunting trips with friends in both Norway and Argentina.

We winter in Florida now where we’re always happy to spend time with Kaarn Weaver Gray and with Ed Edgerton when he comes down to visit his brother (thus the photo of the three of us at the Lighthouse Inn in Naples on the class website).  This July we’re taking all our kids and grandchildren to the North Carolina shore to celebrate Rosalie’s 70th birthday.  In September we will head out for a motor trip through the western U.S.  I will end up hunting in Utah and Rosalie may fly home since she refuses to field dress an elk. In October, Karen Gebhart Ilich has planned a trip for us to fly to Paris and then take a river boat cruise up the Seine to Normandy.  Another couple of checks off that bucket list!

When we aren’t packing and unpacking, we enjoy living amid the memories in Miamisburg where we get to see many of our family, friends and classmates.  And I still enjoy working, although I work mostly from my office at home now.  I began my first real job the Monday after graduation as a start on a fifty year career path. I spent two years in a modest sales support job, three year hiatus with Dayton Power and Light with the realization that was not for me. With the first opportunity I jumped back into the packaging field with my original company. I had an opportunity to leave and invest in a much smaller company which I did for six years and then onto another company with more ownership potential. We had this company for ten years and sold our ownership. I stayed as general manager for five years with the new owners. When they then sold I was given the opportunity to stay with the new owners. I decided I would rather be fired which I was but it was an amicable parting. The next day, February 1, 1991, I bought a fax machine and convinced one of my salesmen we could make it on our own. We started in my kitchen and within six months we had a leased warehouse, office and a truck driver. We began buying old machinery and rehabbing it ourselves. Lots of sweat equity was taking place. In 1994 we lost our number one account due to a change in ownership. We had just placed an order for our first new piece of equipment. We decided to stick with our business plan and keep moving forward. We purchased land in Warren county area which was the second fastest growing area in the state and built our first 65,000 square foot building. Five years later we added 60,000 square feet and more land. I am now a “work from home” owner.  The day to day responsibilities were turned over to my partner, the salesman who took that chance on February 1, 1991. Look us up at

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, I want to thank all of you for your continued support for our class and our reunions.  It has been a privilege to serve as your class president and all of you will always be very special to me. 

Two years ago, Rosalie and I went to Stockholm, Sweden, to visit our youngest daughter who was studying for her doctorate on a Fulbright scholarship with her husband and son.  Amblen, our grandson turned four and we visited an ancient Viking village and bought him a two-headed dragon that he wanted for his birthday.  He put it in the window of our hotel room that looked out over the Stockholm harbor.  I asked him why he put the dragon there and he answered, “It will keep all the good Vikings safe and happy.” I don’t have two-headed dragons to give each of you but I send the same sentiments with the hope that each of you “good Vikings” will stay happy and safe until we all meet again.

With warm and fond memories,


More Pictures:

            Austalian Buffulo                      Dove Hunting - Argentina                    Utah - Bison                                       Utah - Elk

Stan visits 1st grade?                  Stan and the breakfast crowd

Linda (Bolender) Williams
RINGGOLD, GA 30736-4110


Tedd Boomershine
DAYTON, OH 45429

Kathy and Ted in Napa, CA.


After retiring from the Treasury Department I was hired as a Vice President for Nelson Tree Service.  I worked there almost four years until the company sold.  Lost my job on the day of closing!  I try to stay in shape by running with Kathy, the love of my life, Jake, a Lab, Sophie, a German Shepherd and working out at the health club.  I want to see all of you at our 65th reunion!  Before I get out of bed in the morning I always take an inventory of my body parts to see which ones are working properly!  The list gets shorter each year!  However, I have been Blessed.  I have a wonderful family, great friends and I love Red Wine.  See you all at the reunion, Tedd

I was called a “band boy” and was told, “Get the hell out of my football training area”!  What humiliation I suffered from those words. A lot of those football players were my classmates and childhood friends.  I had to turn my back and walk away, but when I turned, I had a smile on my face, because I knew, from experience, that “band boys and “band girls” have a lot more fun on the band bus than the football players had on their bus!  Band camp!  The and was the best kept secret in high school.  A glorious time was had by all!  Well, if my memory still severs me!  Fifty years is a long time!

Fifty years ago we graduated from Miamisburg High!  What a great time we all had our senior year.  I remember that many of the long time dating couples “broke up” and we made new friends with classmates who were now single and eager to have fun and party. Fifty years later, our minds and bodies all show the effects of that time span, but in all of your hearts we still see the young and beautiful friends and classmates we shared that brief time with in our youth.  When we meet for the fifty anniversary of that long ago occasion, let us all pretend that we look and feel the same as we did in 1960, even when you see a classmate you don’t recognize or remember their name!  

Why do friends we grow up with, have a special place in our hearts and minds?  All of us have friends who we have met throughout life, who we love and cherish, but they occupy a different place in our hearts and minds. Why do classmates have such strong ties to each other?  Think about it and let me know at the reunion! 

The biggest changes in my life, since I last reported, I have a three year old granddaughter and new front teeth!  Ask me to smile when you see me! I was head butted by my “allegedly old arthritic German shepherd”, while trying to assist her into the back of my truck!  I bent down and she leaped at the same time!  Ten teeth, fifteen stitches and $17,000 later, you can understand why I am proud of my smile. I am still trying to understand what retirement is all about.  What is expected of me?  I like to work on the occasional criminal case that comes my way.  I love a good run and a hard workout.  I guess I am a high energy “band boy” with a bad knee.  The attached pictures were taken in Napa California when I was trying to learn the fine art of wine making! Any advice you may have to offer will be appreciated, as long as it doesn’t require sending money or voting for Obama. 

Band boy and Band Captain

Dulcenia "Bobbi" (Bowling) Zink
3373 KENZO CT.


My gosh, WE are the OLDER generation now - how very scary. I’m still in California (northern, close to SF and San Jose)-been out here 34 years.
I just retired after 15 1/2 years at Apple Computer, oh, I mean the iPod Company !! :-)  Our 5th grandchild just arrived recently…4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.  We spend a lot of time with all of them.  Fortunately for us, they live close. John still is working - owns a medical company.  Will celebrate  #42  in July.  Life is good !!


June 2010--Fifty years - WOW -  it’s difficult to believe !  Until you look in the mirror,  look at your ‘grown up’ children, then look at your grandchildren !  We’ve been in California for over 38 years. The years have been kind to me and my family. I was a stay at home mom for many years, then decided it was time to go to work. I was employed by Apple Computer for 16 years and have been retired for 6 years. John, husband of 46 years, retired several years ago.

We spend a lot of time with the 5 grandchildren, ranging in age from 5  to 19 years. We try to attend many of their athletic games, lucky for us both families live close. We have  a college water polo player, a high school football and lacrosse player, a middle school lacrosse & basketball player and the 8 year old granddaughter plays softball.

We like to travel and just returned from a 16 day European River Cruise - Amsterdam to Budapest.   Several years ago we took a trip across Canada on a private train -  a neat way to see Canada !!    To celebrate John’s 70th birthday recently, the family did a zeppelin air ship ride (some call it a blimp) - the grandkids said it was  ‘cool’.

I haven’t attended a reunion since the 25th, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Suzanne (Boyd) Quayle
LaJOLLA, CA. 92037


50 years? OMG How did I become a member of The Golden Girls w/o noticing! After our MSBG graduation I spent the next 4 exceedingly enjoyable years obtaining a BS at Miami University. Also managed to acquire a wonderful man (Robert Quayle) who I married 6 days after graduating. I didn't cook nor had ever lived a day on my own but we survived and had 18 1/2 incredible years before he died of stomach cancer in 1982. By then even though we had enjoyed living in NYC, Boston and downtown Chicago I was a born again Californian having moved to La Jolla in 1978. It is still my home.  

I'm blessed with two interesting and wonderful children who also live in San Diego. Rob is an attorney who protects any of my legal snafus and Amanda a psychologist who claims I'm still a work in progress....  Besides her very helpful advise Amanda has also given me 3 loveable grandchildren Devon age 7, Colin age 4 and  Peyton Suzanne who is only 6 weeks old..The grandmother gig is one part of being a Golden Girl I greatly enjoy.

I own a 1938 (ancient by CA standards) home near the ocean and from my back porch can view the wonderful sunsets over the Pacific. I'm blessed with lots of friends and am still active enough to roller blade and " with it" enough to enjoy a book club.  I work 2 days a week running a small medical clinic and enjoy the structure those 2 days give my weeks.

Have found I love to travel and indulge myself several times a year. Since our last reunion I've hiked the Great Wall in China, managed to climb Machu Picchu in Peru ( at 10,000 ft it was truly "breathtaking") and sailed on a tiny Dutch barge through several of the rivers in France. Last fall experienced Eastern Europe post the Iron Curtain and in fact the hat I'm wearing in the class picture was purchased in Helsinki Finland-same trip. This year I'm attending my nephew's wedding in Palm Beach FL.The groom's dad is my brother John- MSBG class of 1964. This fall I'm traveling to Northern India and Nepal where I hope to avoid any and all riots and other scary type events.

I'm excited to be coming back for our 50th because no matter how long and no matter how far away we all have roamed the 12 years attending Miamisburg were special.

See you all on the 18th!

Daniel "Dan" Bravard
10252 TAYLOR RD. S.W.


Patricia-my wife of almost 43 years
8 children:  5 girls and 3 boys
16 Grandchildren: 8 girls and 8 boys (1 step-grandson)
Retired almost 9 years. Was teacher for Lancaster City Schools
Self-employed: BCF Firewood (Restaurant & Residential firewood)
Currently chairman of Etna Township (Licking County, OH) zoning commission
Presiding judge Precinct Etna B-Licking Co. Bd. Of Elections
Sunday School President, Reynoldsburg Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Life Member:  Ohio Education Association,
Retired National Education Association, Retired National Rifle Association
Member:  American Cave Conservation Association American Legion, Honorary Ohio Gun & Pistol Club Republican Party


Elizabeth "Betsy" (Brough) Clark

3049 Ridgeview Ln.
Bell, FL 32619

This has been an eventful year for us. We attended our grandson Michael's graduation from Robbinsville High School at the end of May. On our return, I was transferred back to the Transportation Department after spending five years at the Student Assignment, School Choice office.

Tony's health had been precarious for most of the year until he underwent surgery in June to correct a fluid build-up around his right lung. He was in the hospital for 19 days, but did well with his recovery. We were able to attend Michael's graduation from U.S. Army basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in August.

Hurricane Charley blew through SW Florida on Friday, August 13th. Tony and I hunkered down with our Golden Retriever, Chamois, in our "safe room" built in the hallway of our Cape Coral home. We lost many shingles from the roof, which was left structurally intact, but needed to be re-roofed. The pool cage did not fare as well - - - it was ripped from the back of the house, crumpled up like so much aluminum foil and deposited in the pool. Our damage was minor compared to some and we were all safe. Within six weeks, Charley was followed by three more major hurricanes that affected us either in Cape Coral or here in North Central Florida where we had already purchased our home in Bell. We traveled back and forth, never knowing for certain just where the best place was to be.

It was too much for me! As I sat at my desk Friday morning, September 10th, I had an epiphany, deciding that it was time to retire. We signed a contract for the sale of the Cape Coral house that afternoon. I worked my last day Friday, September 17th, retiring after 32 years with Lee District Schools in transportation related duties.

We made our move to Bell, Florida on November 7th. I love being retired, but wonder how I ever got anything done when I was working. The days just fly by! I do find time to volunteer one day a week at the local library. We love being here in our rural area, tucked into our homey house in our lovely woods.

We spent one wonderful day together with our entire family the day after Christmas in Robbinsville, North Carolina at the home of our son, Chris. His daughter, Tiffany, 15, is a sophomore in high school. Michael was home on furlough. Drew and family had been at Disney World, stopped on their way home to Elkton, Maryland. His girls are Courtney, 17, a junior in high school, and Brittany, 14, a freshman.

Tony had a pace maker installed on April 1st, continues to do well after 11½ years with his transplanted heart. We are truly blessed. We both look forward to attending the 45th reunion for the Class of '60 and hope to see even more classmates than ever before. I think that Tony enjoys it as much as I do. So, please come, take a trip down memory lane. It's also great just to see how we've all evolved into our own lives. But, there is still that connection for all of us - - - MHS - - - the building may be gone, but the memories are definitely still standing!


Walter "Butch" Bunn
May thru Sep

DAYTON, OH 45459

Oct thru Apr
20374 Fernwood Rd
North Fort Myers, FL 33917



Carol and I celebrated our 42nd Wedding Anniversary last August (2004). Yeah, she's still putting up with me! Not too much has changed since the Class Reunion of 2000. (We had already sold our Hot Rod Shop and retired in 1999). Upgraded the RV to a 40footer, (Carol says "Look-Out"), and have been sightseeing more than ever. In 2001-02 Winter, we got as far West as Houston Texas during those cold Ohio months. Then in 2002-03 Winter we did that again, but kept going West. Got to visit Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell, (UFO capitol of the world), New Mexico, then on to Tucson and Lake Havazu, Arizona. Really a nice trip but Carol says it's not "green" enough to live out there!

         Recently we have become "Snow-Birds" (see recent Florida picture attached), and purchased a winter home down in Ft Myers, Florida. We come down for the month of Oct and 1/2 of Nov. We want to be home in Ohio, (see last years Ohio winter picture attached), with Family & Friends for the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Then back down to Ft Myers for that perfect winter weather of Jan, Feb, Mar and 1/2 of April. So far we have had NO trouble getting some company from Ohio during these cold Ohio months. It's great taking everybody sightseeing down here.

         We have been selling down our collection of old timey Hot Rods and Custom Cars. Too many of these are just too much to take care of. We do get to see a few of our old classmates when we go to the Miamisburg, (and Germantown), summer cruise-ins. They are great fun. Kinda seems like the "1950's & 60's again" when we cruise these neat old rides around, (see couple of our old car pics attached).

         We did finally get our "50's Room" addition finished at our home in Centerville. We had been collecting all this neat old "stuff" for years, and had a 22ft by 55ft addition put on to show it properly. You know, Juke Boxes, Old car art, Soda fountain type bar, Big old horseshoe type Vinyl covered booth, lots of Glass block, Nostalgia Lighting and last but not least, a Gas Station Scene on one end with an Original Neon Clock, Gas Pump Island with the pump, air hose and a '56 T-Bird pulled up waiting to be served. Anyone interested, give us a call and come on out and check it out. Be glad to have you.

         Can't wait for this next reunion. It'll be GREAT to see everyone again!

James Burroughs



Della (Caudill) Young



Lynn (Chamberlin) Miller


Hello, all my 1960 classmates!  Fifty years doesn't seem possible.  There haven't been many changes these past five years except now Mike and I have been married almost 48 years and we have traveled more.  The most recent trips were to Greece and England's Cotswold's which were wonderful! 

Our newest bundle of joy is Aidan Chamberlin Miller who was born Sept. 10, 2009. 

My hobbies continue to be watercolor painting, quilting, book club, garden club, and recently I did some genealogy which led me to tour eastern mid Ohio and Somerset, Pennsylvania where I learned about the history (join the Miamisburg Historical Society) of both sides of my family. Thank God for the internet.  Now that's a great change for people our vintage!  An encyclopedia is at our fingertips!

Life is really relaxing at this stage.   Mike and I enjoy the long views over our five acres and two ponds where we watch northeast Ohio's seasonal nature and linger over morning coffee and the newspaper.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone in June!


James Clawson
Caryville, TN 37714


  After graduation I worked for McCall Magazine for 21 years. McCalls was closing the plant so I went to work for Mound Lab for 19 years, retiring in 2001.
I married Kay Altman from the class of 1961. We have two children who live in the area still and three granddaughters. The oldest in her second year at U.C. and the next is a junior in high school, then an 8th grader in the Kettering school system.
When Kay and I retired in 2001, we moved to Caryville, TN. We live on Norris Lake and enjoy the view of the lake and the Cumberland Mountains.
In my spare time I love to garden, golf and do woodworking. Kay and I travel and enjoy some camping.
I look forward to seeing our classmates in June. Thanks to all of you who have worked to put this together.

Jane (Coffey) Peace


Since the 40th class reunion, my husband died in 2001.  My son John and his wife Jackie gave me two wonderful grandchildren.  Clayton is 5 and Eleanor is 2.  I still live in Franklin with my cats and take lots of naps.  I have started writing a book of my memoirs and hope to have it finished by the end of this year.  I am looking forward to our 45th reunion.


Majorie (Cohen) Slavin
6671 E. Desert Wind Ct.
Tucson, AZ 85750

Sharon (Conn) Rader

(Moved-Did not graduate with class)
1044 S. 23rd St., Apt. 37, Richmond, IN. 47374

Barbara (Cook) Blankenship
36408 North Black Canyon Highway
Lot 286
Phoenix, AZ  85086


  This address is new as of 27 July 2008

Sandra (Countryman) Ruggles
DAYTON, OH 45424

Rick and I still live in Riverside.  Rick is still doing some computer work for a client plus he maintains the data base for the Brookville Alumni Assoc.  I am still one of the owners of the Daisy Barrel in Fairborn OH.  This is our 33rd year in business. 
Our son Brian lives in Louisville, KY with his wife Margaret and their three wonderful boys.  They range in age from 5 to almost 2.  Never a dull moment.  Brian ran in the Boston Marathon this spring and we went up to watch.  He finished 1495 out of almost 20,000.  We were very proud.
Our son Doug has been married a year to Krisha, and they are expecting in December.  I'm sure I will get to see this grandchild more often than my boys in Louisville.  Doug and Krisha own The Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Colonel Glenn Hwy across from the Nutter Center.  Krisha also is a realtor.


Ruth (Cox) Barber


After 41 years of marriage, my husband died in 2002 of a brain tumor.  I have since sold my home and bought a condominium in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  I  now live halfway between my children - son Sam in Troy, Ohio and daughter Jennie in Salem, Ohio.

I have had a wonderful life full of travel and serving along side my husband.  He was a minister and then was elected a district superintendent over 84 churches in our denomination.

My life is as good as it can be without the love of my life, and I go on.  I now live in a college town and have hopes my three grandchildren will attend college here.

I have wonderful friends that are presently helping me since I recently had a severe ankle break while vacationing in Vienna, Austria.  I had surgery while there and now am looking at six months of down time.

Have a great reunion.

Sue (Craiger) Baker
822 N. 10TH ST.


Since graduating all those 50 years ago, I married Bob Baker in October of 1965 and we had 1 child, daughter, Teri who is married to Brian Fisher and they have two children making me a proud grandmother of two. I was widowed in 1975. I retired from Ameritech in February of 1999 with almost 38 years of service.  I'm working again at Kirlin's Hallmark in the Dayton Mall and I enjoy it. I don't see many of my old classmates.  Larry Williams and his wife come in the store occasionally, but that's about all.


It will be nice to see everyone at our 50th reunion.


Lois (Cress) Brewer


I have 2 wonderful daughters, one lives in Alabama and one lives here in FL, very near. I have 3 grandhchildrn, 2 girls and 1 boy and they are in FL, also. I love being close to them. I've been in Florida for 19 years. I've been married and divorced twice. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Ronald "Ron" Cress
3124 Noble Faire Dr.
Sun City Center, FL 33573



I reside in Sun City Center near Tampa. We’ve been in the Tampa Bay area for nearly 20 years.


I’ve been in real estate since 1972, mostly new home sales for builders. I recently opened a residential real estate brokerage in Tampa called Real Property Marketing ( This is the second time I’ve ventured into general real estate. The last time was in Columbus, Ohio in 1981. Timing is everything.


I am also generating neighborhood websites. My current project is


I am married to Glenda, my wife of 27 years. Between us we have 5 children, my two and her three and we have 10 grandchildren. Glenda is a fourth grade school teacher.


My dad passed away in 2001 and my Mom moved to Florida a few months after that. She turns 90 on August 31, 2008. She lives on her own in a condominium in Sun City Center, rides a bus to the beauty shop, grocery and doctors office. She enjoys playing dominos with a group of ladies a couple of times week and to church on Sundays and out to lunch with her friends. My sister Lois lives in the area also.


Glenda and I are active at First Baptist Church in Brandon where I teach a single adult Bible study on Sunday mornings and lead a divorce seminar and support group called DivorceCare on Wednesday evenings (


I would love to hear from you when you are in the area.